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ALCOHOLISM: IT'S CAUSE AND CURE From the Viewpoint of Science of Mind

This page makes available the out of print text, "ALCOHOLISM: IT'S CAUSE AND CURE From the Viewpoint of Science of Mind" by Earnest Holmes.

It is posted here for educational purposes only.

This posting will be removed when this book again becomes available.

Part One

Part Two

 Part Three


Following is a suggested treatment for self-help. (If used for someone else, say "He or she is" instead of"I am.")

I know that the Spirit within me is God. I know that my life is God. I know that my mind and my imagination are filled with peace and with a sense of complete- ness. I am satisfied within myself. There is nothing that I fear or that I am afraid to meet. I am not running away from anything nor am I afraid of anything. Being whole and complete within myself, I need no stimulant to bol- ster my imagination and I seek no escape from reality.

I am conscious of my ability to meet every situation in life with calmness and peace. There is nothing in my memory that causes me to feel uncertain or unable to cope with any situation that can arise in my experience. The belief that I need alcohol in any form is an illusion, for I do not need anything outside myself to make me happy. I am happy and fulfilled now.

Within me is something perfect, something complete, something divine; something that was never born and can never die; something that lives-the eternal reality. Within myself are peace, poise, power, wholeness, and happiness. I need nothing outside myself to make me happy and contented. I fear nothing. I am whole and completely satisfied within myself.

All the power there is, all the presence there is, and all the life there is, is God-the Living Spirit Almighty- and this divine and living Spirit is within me now. It is wholeness. It is never weary. It is life. It is complete peace and cannot be maid, nor can it seek to escape from any- thing-for it is All.

My life is never confused. It is always peaceful and happy. I know that my divine self is not separated from my physical and mental self. This consciousness of wholeness, this recognition of my true self, obliterates every belief that could cause me to wish for or desire any type of stimulant whatsoever. There is no memory of any such desire, nor is there any expectation of any such desire. The truth about my real self reveals to my mind a complete freedom from any habit that could rob me of peace or of my rightful mentality.

Now, since there is no memory of ever having needed any false stimulant, and since there is no anticipation of ever needing to be bolstered up by anything but Spirit, and since I know that I am Spirit, I know and realize my complete freedom, now and forever.