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Students - you have all passed - I am soooo pleased.

Dean Hoff has posted your grades.

I hope to see you all again at graduation.

Prof. Guy

Instructor - Guy C. Lamunyon MSN, RN

Email: Glamunyon@aol.com

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 Kraepelin 1896:

Dementia praecox - grouped together all of the above with the addition of dementia paranoides. He considered hallucinations, delusions, thought disorder, negativism and emotional blunting to be characteristic of dementia praecox. He also observed that the onset was usually in early adult life and often progressed to a "demented" end stage. However he realised that the breakdown was not intellectual, the onset was not necessarily in adolescence and the prognosis was not always poor.

Bleuler 1911:

Schizophrenia - He described the four "A's", symptoms which he thought were characteristic of schizophrenia: Ambivalence, Autism, flattened Affect, loosening of Associations.